On june 10, 2017 Avima company S.A officialized their plant inauguration ceremony of Benefit of birds located on Cumaral, Meta for a capacity of 9.000 chickens/hour.


Equipos y Frigoríficos S.A.S (EQUIFRIGOS) At the head of their manager Sr Jairo Cáceres Salazar, gives special thanks to the companies group AVIMA S.A, POLLOS SAVICOL, POLLO ANDINO; for choosing us as one of their trusted national suppliers.


During the Project development Equifrigos contributed ingeneering on our equipments on an international level, with the participation on our ideal personal and with great design experience, equipment fabrication and instalation for the

poultry industry at the proccessing plants; at the same time we support on the engeneering and important concepts for the integration of some technologies of the differents national and international suppliers.


The EQUIFRIGOS family wishes you successes to this important macroproject, bringing great development for the región and the country, contributing thousands of direct and indirect employments, of course believing and betting to the poultry sector developement on all of its dimentions.


GOD blesses all your effort to this AVIMA S.A, POLLOS SAVICOL, POLLO ANDINO companies group, for its constancy and dedication for conclude this great dream.

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